Thursday, May 8, 2008


"Learning makes a man/woman fit company for themselves" Young This is my quote for the day. Think about it.

Story for today: I honestly found this in a book!!

"Onnust?" "Sright!" Oakum off!" "Sure zima stanninear." "Jah mean it?" "Ubetcha." "Ooseddy did?' "Burlova there." Wah sheno bout it?" "D'no. Swatshesedd." "Oakum off!" Yercoddin." "Thinkso fu wanta. Bawcher Chrimus gifs?" "Nochett. Bawchoors?" Naw. Saylookeer!" "Watchasay?" Jeer baw Tomman Lil-----" "Notsloud! Somebody learus." "Lettum. Nothinmuchno how." "Quitchercoddin." "Oakum off! I ainacoddin." "Gracious Imus begittinalong!" "Somus I." "Slong!" "Slong!"

Believe it or not, this was written in 1913!! Blew me away. I have read it afew times and part of it makes sense but not all of it as yet. Guess this is just another reason I push education and READING - READING - READING all the time. :)

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