Friday, May 2, 2008

My Promise for May 2

Quote for today:

"We cannot always oblige, but we can always speak obligingly." Voltaire

Story for today: Practical!

Soon after the first baby was born, a certain man's wife went upstairs one evening and found him standing by the side of the crib and gazing earnestly at the child. She was touched by the sight, and tears filled her eyes. Her arms stole softly around his neck as she rubbed her cheek caressingly against his shoulder. He started slightly at the touch. "Darling." he murmured dreamily, "it is incomprehensible to me how they can get up such a fine crib as that for 99 cents."

I told you these were OOOOOLLLLD stories. :) How about $5.99?


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Dr. Thaxter said...

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Dr. Thaxter said...

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