Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I am a diet controlled diabetic. Sometimes I feel as if I am either too 'high' or too 'low', when I check I am fine. The worst is when I am sweating or cold and it is not the proper response for the temperature out of doors. I guess what I want to tell you is DONT SWEAT IT!. If you check yourself and you are OK, let it go. Now all I have to do is convince myself of this. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. SSoooo Eat right, check yourself and ASK ME ANY ???? YOU MIGHT HAVE. I started this blog to help you get healthy will you pleeeeeeeeze help me?


Anonymous said...

Hi. I found you blog from ProBlogger.net

I have severe insulin resistance, which is, I guess, pre-diabetes.

The hardest part is the fatigue. And eating via the glycemic index. It is so hard because I love the bad carbs!

Congrats on your first week as a blogger! Don't let the inferiority blogger complex get to you! How many people in the world actually start a blog!!!!!

Dr. Thaxter said...

Hi! Diabetes is a fun thing if you dont weaken. You sound as if you have reactive hypoglycemia. Let me give you alittle advice, OK? Buy the ZONE DIET book and if you feel you need it there is also a cook book, I have it but dont use it. It is so important that you use food as a medication and not a way of life. In other words, EAT BREAKFAST, make it a good one with Protein, carbs and FAT. I eat at about 6am, it is important to put food in your system in another 4 hours so whether you eat LUNCH or have a bar, I like the Harvest Health bars - Almonds best and always have one with me. I never go more than 5 hrs without injecting myself with food. Lunch is about 1pm and I always have protein, carbs (lots of fresh vegies with Olive oil and Balsamic vinegar because I like it and the oil give me the fat I need. I eat about 1/2 the amount of my breakfast. I will snack at 5pm usually cookies - dark chock chip, crackers & cheese (these have protein, carbs & FAT. 9pm finds me once again having a snack and it can be 1/2 of a candy bar with nuts is better. There is a relationship of Protein, Carbs & FAT that does maintain my blood sugar at below 125 fasting for the first time in years my three month is at 110 and the most important figure my A1C is now 6.1 with 6.0 being diabetes free. I do not take any meds, my weight is going down, praise whoever, and I feel so much better when I eat small amounts of food. Try it and let me know how you are doing. janice

Dr. Thaxter said...

my other blog site is publicvariety, i get alittle nasty on it. :) janice

Dr. Thaxter said...

Back to your response, the glycemic index is bull. you need good carbs, no doubt and I do follow the glycemic but too many carbs will make you tired. If you eat the way I told you you will get what you need and feel better. I promise. I have never had a problem with my opinion of myself, if you dont like me or what I stand for - that is your problem, not mine. I love me. :) janice