Saturday, April 26, 2008

Dr. Thaxter Teaches

Time has come for all the people of USA to be extremely careful. Not only with their assets but also with their families. Times will be getting so different we will be very confused. Examples - the weather, all over our country; politics; killing and fighting over nothing; drugs not only illegal but also prescribed to the max. The attitudes of persons we know and perhaps love. I do not understand this and I read, study and listen to as many varieties of persons available to all of us. I am amazed that college graduates do not know the geography of the USA, let alone the capitals of each state. I have found many do not know who is in the Executive Branch (what is that), have no idea who their Senators or Congress persons might be. Heaven forbid they know who sits on the Supreme Court and how they vote. How many of you actually have read the Consitution or the Bill of Rights? Do you have a copy? It is startling that these are the 'Leaders' of the future!!! God help us all. Most mouth what the Media says and never think for themselves. Being entertained is a 24/7 obligation of anyone but the person grasping for the attention. We had to entertain ourselves AFTER we did all our work, school & other. My first job was at age 4, I sold punches on small cards. When I was 10 I took a job at the local hospital in order to buy a pair of custom made ice skates because my Father said, if I wanted such an expensive, luxury item ($62) I could but it myself. I DID. Today it seems all I hear is : gimme, gimme, gimme. I think you need to grow up and become responsible citizens before it is to late.


karenpalmdesert said...

I love it, this is really cool!

Dr. Macavinta (dmac) said...
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